yoga classes

In my daily – personal and professional – life, I try to live as conscious as possible. In this context I’m only referring to spiritual consciousness, but to the awareness of the mark I leave on the world we are living in. There are many ways I’m trying to make this mark as positive as possible.

When it comes to Nomada Yoga I’m also trying to contribute. For instance, in my classes I only use mats and props that are made of natural materials. When it come to the locations for the yoga classes, I’m trying to find inspirational locations that might have another use during office hours.


Morning Flow
Thursday 07:00 – 08:00
Location: Akademie voor Massage en Beweging, Amsterdam

These classes are for those who want to get an energetic start of their day before getting into everyday’s routine.

About the class:
During the class we will flow through asanas to awaking, strengthening and energize the body building up the intensity towards the end. The class is assessable for all levels.

Gentle Flow
Thursday 09:15 – 10:30
Location: Akademie voor Massage en Beweging, Amsterdam

These classes are especially designed for people at the age of 50+, but of course are also accessible for others.

About the class:
The first part of the class exists of a gentle and slow flow in which we take enough time to go from one posture into another. There will be enough time to pay attention to the technique of the postures. Because the level of the students might differ within the group, moderations are essential and will be explained properly. Especially with beautiful bodies that have been walking this planet for a while, we need to be gentle and accept its limitations. This doesn’t mean we cannot challenge ourselves, which we will definitely do.